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Digital Marketing for chemical products


Digital Marketing for chemical products

Definition of E-marketing

E-marketing is considered one of the general branches of marketing, and it is also called (digital marketing), or (network marketing), which is the strategy that is used to organize the methods of modern communication technology, by transforming the virtual market into a tangible reality. An important part of the modern comprehensive marketing strategy, as it is considered an important type of marketing method that seeks to achieve its goals via the Internet, and is also described as the process of applying the general principles of marketing science through the use of electronic media, and in particular the use of the Internet.



Advantages of E-marketing

1.      The possibility of developing a relationship with customers significantly, where continuous interaction is available, although some customers resist this, and consider it intrusive and a negative privacy, but the use of voluntary reporting techniques is becoming more and more acceptable among people, especially among those who frequent commercial sites. The use of e-marketing in order to win customers to achieve a great benefit in order to sell on a site and gain customer loyalty.

2.     Ease of obtaining any information related to the product, the possibility of obtaining the required commodity in a short period of time, and exceeding the borders regardless of the location of the commodity, which leads to the entry of the commodity into the world and its popularity in a fast way.

3.     Opening the door for everyone to e-marketing, and this is not limited to well-known large companies, but the participation of the average individual or small company in marketing easily.

4.     Low cost and ease of implementation compared to traditional marketing.

5.     The possibility of ordering the commodity directly by sending a request through the website related to the company. As for traditional marketing, the commodity cannot be ordered directly through customers.

6.     Ease of displaying all the company's goods and services through the website, and this is difficult to happen in traditional marketing because of the need for a large place to display them.



Ways to succeed in e-marketing

1.      The quality of the product and service that can be marketed, as e-marketing contains many methods, so you must choose the appropriate one.

2.     The budget set for e-marketing operations through the Internet, on the basis of which the marketing campaigns for the commodity are carried out.

3.     The marketer's experience in terms of how he deals with e-marketing mechanisms, and the continuous development in the use of e-marketing science in a digital marketing environment.



Types of E-Marketing

E-marketing is through the following:

1.      Free advertising sites on the Internet.

2.     Specialized and general forums.

3.     Site pages.

4.     Website directories and indexes.

5.     Social media.

6.     Email campaigns.

7.      Through the videos.

8.     Blogging.

9.     Newspapers and magazines.



Benefits of E-marketing for the seller

Many people rely on e-marketing to purchase products and services online, so it is an important way to build strong relationships with customers, and among the most important benefits of e-marketing that benefit the seller:

1.      Facilitate reaching customers in remote geographic areas where the purchase process can be completed with a customer who lives in a different country than the seller's country.

2.     Complete the sale at any time during the day, month or year without restrictions.

3.     Elimination of the operational cost necessary to build an exhibition to sell products.

4.     Reduce time by presenting the right product to the right customer by categorizing the products in a way that makes them accessible.

5.     Providing the right product to the right customer, using e-marketing to know customer behavior patterns, which leads to an increase in the purchase rate by providing the right products to the right buyer.

6.     Your first purchase means forming a relationship in the future that can be strengthened through appropriate emails.



Benefits of E-marketing for the customer

E-marketing has several benefits for both the seller and the customer. Here are some of the benefits that accrue to the customer:

1.      Helping the customer to quickly access the required products and ease of frequency to them, as the Internet provides a wide and diversified network of many products and services in various forms, which facilitates access to the required content very quickly.

2.     Obtaining the required quality in the least possible time and effort.

3.     lack of time; It can be purchased at any time of the day.

4.     The multiplicity of products and services offered, which makes it easier for the customer to obtain the required content with the required accuracy.

5.     The ability to customize products to suit the customer's requirements in particular, as e-marketing provides the service of pre-ordering the required content uniquely according to the needs and specifications specified by the customer.

6.     Obtain clear information about the product, which helps to make better purchasing decisions.