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The best hair shampoo

Specifications of the best shampoo for hair

Most shampoos contain sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate, in addition to surfactants, which work on foaming, and dismantle dirt from the hair, but in general they have been proven to be substances that cause irritation and dryness of hair, so, when Choosing a shampoo, it is preferable to avoid the types that contain sulfates, and to search for types that contain lauryl glucoside, as it is a mild substance, and at the same time is effective in removing dirt from the hair.[1]



 The best shampoo for dry hair

There are many types of shampoos for dry hair available in the market, but there are some specifications that prefer one type over another, including:[2]

1.      Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates, silicones, and alcohol, as they will cause hair to dry out even more.

2.     Choose a shampoo that contains natural moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe vera, coconut oil, and some types of oils that increase moisture in the hair shaft.

3.     Avoid frequent shampooing for dry hair, in order to improve the level of hydration.

4.     Use a small amount of oil on the ends as soon as the hair is dry, in order to maintain the moisture of the hair for longer periods.



Specifications of the best shampoo for oily hair

Many people suffer from an oily scalp and dry hair, so it needs special care, and choosing a shampoo with certain specifications to get rid of this problem, and perhaps the most prominent specifications of the best for this shampoo are the following: [3]

1.      Avoid buying shampoos that have a label to moisturize the hair, or to soften the hair, or to shine it, because it contains high moisturizing rates, and this can increase the oiliness of the scalp.

2.     Choose a shampoo that has a label to strengthen hair, or a shampoo for brittle hair, or for balanced hair, because it will contribute to reducing scalp moisture and removing excess oils from it.

3.     Use a daily shampoo for oily scalps if the hair is excessively oily, as this will help to gently get rid of the sebum secreted by the scalp, avoiding dryness, or stimulating it to produce more sebum if the shampoo is intended for an oily scalp.

4.     Use an oily scalp treatment once every two weeks. This helps keep your scalp clean.

5.     Choose a shampoo with salicylic acid, because it helps remove the accumulated oils on the scalp.





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