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Metal detector: Technologies - Make


Metal detector: Technologies - Make  What is a metal detector?

Metals detector

Many people think that metal detectors are limited to specialists and amateurs searching for buried metals, but metal detectors are used in many areas, such as being used by security men to inspect when entering places that need a high level of safety and security, such as tourist places, airports, theaters and government departments And hospitals, schools, etc., for the purpose of ensuring that no dangerous armed person or anything that threatens the security of these buildings will enter these buildings, and they can be used to detect metals underground.[1]


As for the general principle of the work of the metal detector, it is summarized that it senses the presence of metals by scanning the place, and when the vibrations pass through the metal, it sends an alert to the presence of metals.[1]



Metal Detector Technologies

There are three main types of techniques used in metal detectors, which are as follows:[2]


1. Low-frequency technology: It is the most widely used technology and depends on the use of two electric coils, one of which is a coil for transmission, which is external and contains a loop of wires through which an electric current passes in both directions, sometimes clockwise and sometimes counterclockwise, and a coil for receiving, which is internal and is to receive the reflected signal from objects. [2]


2. Inductive pulse technology: This technology is not used much due to the inability to distinguish between different types of metals, and a single coil is used for transmission and reception.[2]


3. Oscillation pulses technology: It is the best technology, in which a large file is used for searching and another file is smaller in size located in the control box; So that each coil is connected to oscillating devices that generate thousands of pulses per second, and these devices can give information about matter and about what surrounds it. [2]



Make a metal detector

There is more than one way to make a metal detector, and the simplest of these are the following: How to make a metal detector using a radio and a calculator A metal detector can be made using a small radio and a calculator and in simple steps, as follows:[3]


1. Materials needed

·       radio

·       calculator

·       sticky



2. Steps

1.      Set the radio frequency to the highest frequency that can be reached, and raise the volume on the radio to the highest level if possible.

2.     Turn on the calculator and associate it with the radio, and move the calculator until the radio frequencies are heard as a fixed tone.

3.     Connect the calculator and the radio using the adhesive, and the two devices can be linked together with a box or stick to facilitate their use in the metal detection process.

4.     Listening to the device’s sounds when moving to the destinations where you want to search for minerals, and noting the difference in sound between the places where there are minerals and the places where they are not.



Making a metal detector using a mobile phone

A metal detector can be made using a mobile phone, as follows:[4]


Materials needed

1.      Mobile phone connected to the Internet Steps to manufacture Download a metal detector program on the mobile phone.

2.      Apply the instructions of the application that was used, understand its working principle and what notifications and tones it sends in the event of metal detection.

3.      Tie the phone to a stick, and stick it well, and although this step is not necessary, it makes the search process easier.

4.     A mobile phone can detect metals because it is an electronic device that produces a magnetic field, and metal detection applications use the phone's magnetic field itself to detect the presence of metals.[5]



Ready-made metal detector installation

There are a number of metal detectors that can be purchased, and these devices can be installed in the following way:[5]


1.      Metal Detector Manufacturing Steps Assemble the tools in the metal detector box, and these tools differ from one device to another, so you should pay attention to them when buying, and buy the appropriate device according to the person's need.

2.     Soldering the electrical circuit in the control box, and the need for this step appears when there is a control box, and if a person does not know how to perform welding, it is better to use a specialized person so as not to damage the control box.

3.     The metal detector can be tested by placing different metals on top of the other and passing the device over them, and seeing what happens when the device passes over the metal pieces.


Before you start making and using a metal detector, it should be noted that the use of this device is not legal in all countries, and many countries punish those who buy, manufacture or use it, and even countries that allow the use of this device do not allow its use in all places.





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