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Chemical shampoo ingredients

 Chemical compounds in shampoo

Chemical shampoo ingredients

Chemical shampoo ingredients

1.      Takapon

2.     Vitamins

3.     Salt

4.     Fragrance

5.     Lanolin

6.     Glycerin

7.      Anti-dandruff

8.     Preservatives

9.     Citric acid

10.  Emollient

11.    Brightening materials

12.   Kumperlane



The following are the chemical components of shampoo:

1.      Takapon: It is the main substance that plays its role in the cleaning process in shampoo, and it carries a negative charge.

2.     Vitamins: They are added at a very low rate, not more than 0.0001%. The reason for this is that they contain carcinogens. The most important vitamins that are used in shampoo components are vitamin E and vitamin B6, as they work to strengthen the roots of the hair and increase its density.

3.     Salt: Table salt acts as a thickener when added by 1% to the components of shampoo, and it is also possible to replace table salt with telose and add it by 3-2%.

4.     Fragrance: Fragrance is added when checking that it does not affect the ingredients of the shampoo.

5.     Lanolin: It is one of the ingredients that moisturizes the hair and prevents evaporation, and it is added by 1-3%.

6.     Glycerin: It is one of the ingredients that moisturizes dry hair, and it is added in an amount of 1-3%.

7.      Anti-dandruff: add 0-0.1%.

8.     Preservatives: There are many types of preservatives, including (Propyl paraben) and it is added at a rate of 5%, and Formol is added at an amount not exceeding 1%.

9.     Citric acid: It is used to determine the pH of the shampoo, which increases the softness of the hair.

10.  Emollient: Propylene glycol is a type of emollient that is added by 2-1%. For oily hair, 5-2% is added as it works to get rid of fat.

11.    Brightening materials: one of its types is fatty gul ether, and it is added at a rate of 3-0%, and works to give the shampoo a pearly appearance.

12.   Kumperlane: It is a type of coconut acid, and it is added in an amount of 0-2% and is used as a foaming aid and as a thickener for shampoo.



Powder shampoo ingredients

Powder shampoo consists of the following ingredients:[1]

1.      Perfume q.s.

2.     henna powder 5%

3.     Sodium carbonate 22.5%

4.     soap powder 50%

5.     Potassium carbonate 7.5%

6.     Borax 15%



What is shampoo?

Shampoo is one of the treatments that cleans and purifies the scalp and hair, and the appropriate shampoo must be chosen for the nature of the hair by determining the type of hair and age in addition to the methods used to care for it, and the health problems that the scalp suffers from.[2]





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