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20 Facts About Plutonium

Properties of Plutonium

Name of element


Atomic Number




Atomic Mass


Oxidation States

+6, +5, +4, +3

Standard State


Group Block


Year Discovered


Electron configuration

[Rn]7s2 5f6



20 Facts

1.      Pure plutonium is a silvery-white metallic, even though it fast oxidizes in air to a stupid finish.

2.     The atomic wide variety of plutonium is ninety four, that means all atoms of plutonium have ninety four protons. It has an atomic weight round 244, a melting factor of 640 tiers C (1183 tiers F), and a boiling factor of 3228 tiers C (5842 tiers F).

3.     Plutonium oxide bureaucracy at the floor of plutonium uncovered to air. The oxide is pyrophoric, so portions of plutonium would possibly glow like embers because the outer coating burns. Plutonium is one in all a handful of radioactive factors that "glows withinside the dark," even though the glow is from heat.

4.     Ordinarily, there are six allotropes, or bureaucracy, of plutonium. A 7th allotrope exists at excessive temperatures. These allotropes have exceptional crystal systems and densities. Changes in environmental situations without problems motive plutonium to shift from one allotrope to another, making plutonium a tough metallic to machine. Alloying the detail with different metals (e.g., aluminum, cerium, gallium) facilitates make it feasible to paintings and weld the material.

5.     Plutonium shows colourful oxidation states in aqueous answer. These states generally tend now no longer to be stable, so plutonium answers can also additionally spontaneously alternate oxidation states and colours. The colours of the oxidation states are as follows:

6.     Pu(III) is lavender or violet.

7.      Pu(IV) is golden brown.

8.     Pu(V) is light pink.

9.     Pu(VI) is orange-pink.

10.  Pu(VII) is green. Note this oxidation country is uncommon. The 2+ oxidation country additionally happens in complexes.

11.    Unlike maximum substances, plutonium will increase in density because it melts. The boom in density is set 2.5%. Near its melting factor, liquid plutonium additionally famous higher-than-normal viscosity and floor anxiety for a metallic.


12.   Plutonium is utilized in radioisotope thermoelectric generators, that are used to electricity spacecraft. The detail has been utilized in nuclear weapons, consisting of the Trinity check and the bomb that turned into dropped on Nagasaki. Plutonium-238 turned into as soon as used to electricity coronary heart pacemakers.

13.   Plutonium and its compounds are poisonous and gather in bone marrow. Inhalation of plutonium and its compounds will increase the hazard of lung cancer, even though many human beings have inhaled large quantities of plutonium but failed to expand lung cancer. Inhaled plutonium is stated to have a steel taste.

14.  Criticality injuries regarding plutonium have occurred. The quantity of plutonium required for essential mass is set one-0.33 that essential for uranium-235. Plutonium in answer is much more likely to shape essential mass than strong plutonium due to the fact the hydrogen in water acts as a moderator.

15.   Plutonium isn't magnetic. Other participants of the detail organization persist with magnets, however plutonium may have a variable wide variety of electrons in its valence shell, which makes it tough for the unpaired electrons to align in a magnetic field.

16.   The detail call follows the fashion of uranium and neptunium being named for planets outward from the Sun. Plutonium is known as for the dwarf planet Pluto.

17.   Plutonium isn't an excellent conductor of power or heat, not like a few metals.

18.  The alpha shape of plutonium is difficult and brittle, whilst the delta shape is gentle and ductile.

19.   Plutonium happens certainly withinside the Earth's crust in uranium ores, however it's miles very rare. The most important supply of the detail is synthesis in reactors from uranium-238.

20.  Plutonium is a member of the actinide detail organization, which makes it a kind of transition metallic.