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KingDraw application for drawing chemical structures Free Download


KingDraw application for drawing chemical structures Free Download

KingDraw app

It is a tool for modifying and drawing chemical structures and equations, and it is available free of charge for all devices and operating systems, including Android, iPhone and Windows, as it allows drawing molecules and reactions as well as components in organic chemistry. You can use it in an editor from the following image in the script, the next letter from the names of chemical compositions to chemical fields. Update year: 2020-03-16



Features of KingDraw

1.      Draw chemical structures and equations

2.     kingdraw chemical structure editor

3.     Modify the compositions and names of vehicles

4.    Nomenclature of chemical structures

5.     Converting nouns to chemical compounds

6.     Extracting some properties of chemical elements and compounds

7.     Display any compound in 3D drawing

8.     The ability to save to several formats, including jpg, png, and others

9.     Possibility to edit and color the parts of the boat as desired

10.  Copy contents to office programs

11.   chem drawing

12.   drawing chemical structures



Operating systems

1.      Android phones Android

2.     iPhone iOS phones

3.     Windows laptop and computer



1- Download the KingDraw app for Android devices

File name: KingDraw

Download Center: Google Play

File size: 60 MB

File Format: apk

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2- Download the KingDraw app for iOS devices

 File name: KingDraw

File size: 60 MB


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3- Download KingDraw for PC with

Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10

 File name: KingDraw

Download Center: Direct

File size: 150 MB

File Format: exe


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