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List of Top 25 Chemical Distributors


List of Top 25 Chemical Distributors

Correction: within the article headlined "Top 25 Chemical Distributors: listing," please read, within the entry on Univar, "2010 Sales: $7.9bn," rather than "2010 Sales: $7.2bn," and within the entry on Azelis, "2010 Sales: €1.167bn," rather than "2010 Sales: €1.07bn."




2010 Sales: €7.6bn ($10.1bn)

Mulheim an der Ruhr, Germany

CEO: Steven Holland

Products: Coatings chemicals, food ingredients, oilfield chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, care chemicals and water treatment chemicals

Services: Just-in-time delivery, product mixing, formulation, repackaging, inventory management and drum return handling, and technical supportAssets: quite 400 sites in over 70 countries




2010 Sales: $7.9bn

Redmond, Washington, US

President and CEO: John Zillmer

Products: Alcohols, aliphatics, alkalis, amines, aromatics, vitamin C , catalysts, potash , sodium hydroxide , epoxy resins, glycols, mineral acids, oxidizers, performance polymers, phosphates, silicones, hypochlorite , solvents, surfactants, sweeteners and texture modifiers




2010 Sales: €4.2bn ($5.56bn)

Hamburg, German

CEO: Dieter Schnabel

Products: Feedstocks, organic and inorganic chemicals, polymers, polyurethane products and specialty chemicals

Services: International marketing, distribution, logistics, production, scientific and technical services




2010 Sales: $3.4BN

Dublin, Ohio, US

President: David Bradley

Products: Adhesives and sealants, catalysts, gelcoats, inks and printing materials, lubricant additives, metalworking chemicals, paints and coatings materials, care ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients, polymers, reinforcements, resins, solvents, specialty and industrial chemicals and thermoplastics

Services: Packaging

Assets: Sixty-three owned or leased facilities; 68 third-party warehouses, rail terminals and tank terminals; three locations that perform contract packaging activities




2010 Sales: $1.7BN

New York, New York, US

President: Naveen Chandra

Products: Acrylonitrile, aromatics, glycols, plastics, solvents, specialty chemicals, olefins, oxo alcohols, acrylates and decanedioic acid




2010 Sales: €1.167bn ($1.55bn)

Antwerp, Belgium

CEO: Joris Coppye

Products: Acidifiers, antioxidants, food and health ingredients, rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, surfactants, actives, fragrances, active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, monomers, solvents, coatings materials, resins, pigments, fillers, plastic additives and elastomers

Services: Specialized laboratory analysis, sampling activities, blending and formulating, automatic refilling, coloring gelcoat batches, repacking, drumming

Assets: Access to 135 warehouses, of which four are owned, outsourced slitting and sewing facility for collagen cases




2010 Sales: €1bn ($1.35bn)

Rotterdam, Netherlands |Holland|European country|European nation"> Netherlands

CEO: Piet Van der Slikke

Products: quite 16,000, in various market segments including coatings, pharma, food, plastic and rubber, care , lubricants, synthesis, detergents and cleaners

Services: Mixing and blending, packaging, storage

Assets: Office locations and warehouses in most European countries, plus Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa |African country|African nation"> South Africa , India, China, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand




2010 Sales: €837m ($1.21bn)

Hamburg, Germany

President and CEO: Birger Kuck

Products: Engineering polymers, acrylates, standard polymers, rubber and rubber additives, additives and specialty chemicals for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, detergents, construction, lubricants, oil drilling, solar, electronics, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers, food ingredients, composites, plant protection products, fertilizers and pharmaceutical raw materials for animal nutrition and healthcare

Services: Blending, packaging, storing, mixing, chemical consultancy and advisory services for Europe's Reach regulation, legal compliance

Assets: Mixing, blending and storage facilities for solid and liquid chemicals




2010 Sales: Swfr749m ($796m)

Zurich, Switzerland

Business unit head: Mario Preissler

Products: Specicalty chemicals and ingredients for the subsequent industries: care , pharma, food and beverage, paints and coatings, graphics and electronics, polymers, fibers and adhesives

Services: Sourcing, marketing, sales, research and development (R&D), logistics, distribution, registration, supplier auditing, Reach consultancy, marketing research , blending

Assets: Eighteen innovation centers, own distribution centers in selected markets, food ingredient blending plant




2010 Sales: $770m

San Francisco, California, US

President: Ted Eliot

Products: Coatings and inks ingredients, plastic and rubber additives, food ingredients, personal and household care chemicals and other industrial specialty chemicals

Services: Logistics, storage, ingredient technology

Assets: Thirty-six offices with warehouses at every location




2010 Sales: €575m ($762m)

Barcelona, Spain

General manager: Vicente Muñoz

Products: Chemicals and polyolefins, fine chemicals and intermediates plus a full range of additives and ingredients for food, feed, pharma, cosmetics, detergents, coatings and solvents

Services: Blending, packaging, dilution, bulk and packed storage, dissolving, storage and delivery of bulk solids and liquids, and global transport

Assets: Five storage sites for liquid and packed products, plus six regional stocks for packed products, three tank cars for local bulk and break-bulk liquid deliveries




2010 Sales: €568m ($753m)

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

CEO: O.C. van Caldenborgh

Products: Solvent-based chemicals, acids and alkalis, specialties, food ingredients, functional and aromatic ingredients

Services: Blending, packaging, storage, reformulations, diluting, dispersing, drumming, hydrophobing, sieving, tailor-made development

Assets: Four production sites: Caldic Chemie in Rotterdam, Europoort (storage and handling bio-ethanol and methanol with a capacity of 172,500m3), Caldic Chemie Produktie in Zevenbergen (distillation and blending activities), Caldic Deutschland (Furex), Link Silica in China (precipitated silica). a complete of 33 locations in 13 countries in Europe and Asia




2010 Sales: €560m ($742m)

Hoofddorp, Netherlands

CEO: Hidde van der Wal

Products: Food additives, industrial chemicals, pharma ingredients, cosmetic ingredients and animal nutrition products

Services: Production

Assets: Two production/blending facilities




2010 Sales: €470m ($623m)

Hamburg, Germany

CEO: Christian Westphal

Products: Adhesives, cosmetics ingredients, food additives, fiberglass, gum rosin, natural waxes, paints and coatings materials, paper chemicals, plastic additives and specialty chemicals




2010 Sales: Rand 4.2bN ($596m)

Bryanston, South Africa

Managing director: Gavin Brimacombe

Products: Solvents, aromatics, olefins, inorganics, acids, chlor-alkali, mining chemicals, refinery chemicals/additives, water treatment chemicals, foods additives, animal feed additives, consumer care chemicals, care chemicals, home care chemicals, coatings and polymer additives

Services: Warehousing, logistics, blending, bulk-breaking, bagging, drum filling, vendor site operation

Assets: Warehouses and offices in 18 locations, 52 trucks, 429 liquid storage tanks (including reactors and blending tanks) with total capacity of 8,200m3, rental storage tanks with capacity of 10,400m3




2010 sales: $592m

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Managing director: Yogesh Mehta

Products: Alcohols, aromatics, aliphatics, amines, aromatics, vitamin C , sodium hydroxide , epoxy resins, glycols, glycol ethers, solvents, surfactants, polyamides, phthalates, ketones, esters, monomers, additives

Services: Distribution, tank terminals, blending, drumming

Assets: Distribution facilities in Middle East , Egypt and India. Offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai




2010 Sales: $570M

Barcelona, Spain

Managing director: Daniel Díaz-Varela

Products: Animal health and feed additives, industrial and specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, food ingredients, flavors and fragances and agrochemicals

Services: Technical and regulatory consultancy, special products search, packaging

Assets: Nineteen storage and blending facilities in Spain (6), Portugal (1), central Europe (2), Brazil (5) and Mexico (5); five trucks; 15 forklifts, three sites for warehouse construction




2010 Sales: €370m ($490m)

Bielefeld, Germany

President: Peter Stockmeier

Products: Cleaning chemicals, food additives, polyurethane (PU) chemicals, printing inks, solvents, textile and water ¬treatment chemicals




(Formerly Premium Ingredients International)

2010 Sales: $480M

Carol Stream, Illinois, US

CEO: Don Thorp

Products: Acidulants, amino acids, antioxidants, aroma chemicals, botanical extracts, essential oils, flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives, phosphates, nutritional supplements, feed additives, vitamins and sweeteners

Services: Particle-size reduction, granulation, custom blending, R&D solutions

Assets: 10 North American distribution centers, four international distribution centers




2010 Sales: R697.2m ($418.5m)

Sao Paulo, Brazil

CEO: Edison Terra

Products: Methanol, distillate aromatics, extract oils, xylene, mineral spirits, oil plasticizers, glacial ethanoic acid , light aromatic solvents, hexanes and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)

Services: Packaging, blending

Assets: Three warehouses




2010 Sales: €300M ($397.5M)

Puteaux, France

President and CEO: Martial Lecat

Products: Specialty chemicals

Services: Blending, packaging, storage

Assets: One plant, 12 warehouses




2010 Sales: $378.5m

Port Washington, New York, US

Chairman and CEO: Albert Eilander

Products: Aldehydes, amines, catalysts, chelating agents, flavors and fragrances, food additives, ketones, intermediates, pharmaceutical ingredients, pigments, plasticizers, resins and specialty quats




2010 Sales: $370m

Brookfield, Wisconsin, US

Chairman and CEO: John Honkamp

Products: Chlor-alkali, foam control chemicals, food processing sanitation chemicals, inks and adhesives, liquid sulfites, paints and coatings materials, pulp and paper chemicals, organic chemicals, inorganics, metal finishing chemicals, solvents and water-treatment chemicals

Services: Blending, manufacturing, solvent reclamation, hazardous waste removal, technical training, customer marketing research

Assets: Five warehouses, 20 trucks, 10 locations, 6m gal bulk storage capacity




2010 Sales: R597.5m ($358.6m)

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Directors: Victor Cutait Neto, Mario Sergio Cutait

Products: Cosmetic ingredients, feed additives, food additives, household chemical lubricant additives, paints and polish materials, pharmaceutical ingredients, plastic and rubber additives, PU specialties and textile chemicals

Services: Blending, packaging, ¬storage, qualitative analysis , ¬technical support, trading, delivery in 24 hours

Assets: Six warehouses, 17 tanks with capacity of 1,200m3, four feed premix plants, one food premix plant, 11 branches in Brazil, one in Argentina and one in China




2010 Sales: €270m ($357.7m)

Hamburg, Germany

CEO: Edgar Nordmann

Products: Additives for functional fluids and sheet molding compound/bulk molding compound applications, filtration products, functional fillers/additives, magnesia, pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients